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by Kingsley Hopking

this is my Dev Log

Hi there, I am Kingsley Hopking a Game Developer, Designer, lover of mechanical keyboards and tinkerer of things. This website aims to be a digital artifact of projects that I am working on, leading into my approach and thought process that I make when learning about new technology and tackling new projects. Alongside this I will be sharing my understanding on subjects such as development and design in the form of tutorials and or research diaries with references where applicable.

Recent Projects

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Frog Island

Version 0.31 now available

ITCH.IO - Demo

YouTube - Gameplay

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Dungeon of The Blind Frog

Bonus stage - Thermal printer dungeon crawler where you see less and must plan more as the game progresses


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The Floor Is Lava

24 hour game jam game - Slam objects together to create new areas to jump to how long can you survive


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Project Bounce

Draw lines and protect the heart, the world around you morphs as the game throws more challenges at you.