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by Kingsley Hopking



Game Idea :

This post is regarding a prototyping of one of the original concepts that we came up with given the brief.Click here to see the premise for this idea:

Plan :

For this prototype the both of us worked on the of the mechanics with intention for it to make it to our final build or at the very least be able to salvage parts of the code that was well written

Age Changing :

For the age changing mechanic we wanted to ensure that it felt satisfying to “scroll” through different time periods as the player would be spending a considerable amount of time changing between ages, when it came to the comparison that all the objects need to make against the current age we wanted to create a system that was easy to apply to each object so I included an array of gameobjects that the object would change to depending on the age that the player is currently in and I created a static class that could be accessed with ease from throughout the program

Challenges :

he challenge for age changing was ensuring that there was a data structure in place that could be accessed from all other scripts but was also flexible enough to be able to build on top of

Prototyping :

In the prototype phase we found that the backend of the project went rater smoothly we created the static class that contained important information that would need to be referenced from many scripts. A concern that we had was the script attached to each object that could be affected by time, they worked but we could see if there was a large amount of objects on display it would be rather inefficient, next time we would like to create a generic controller on a manager that would control all active objects we feel that this would help readability and efficiency. When prototyping the user interface we had a small issue in terms of the feel of how it felt to “scroll” through different time periods but after tinkering with how the input system was implemented we decided on when the user is making an input the age UI would not push against you and after 0.3 seconds of the user not making a input the UI would quickly pull back to its origin position