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by Kingsley Hopking



For our physics game we wanted to create really different mechanics that would interact with the physics engine but also felt natural and intuitive to the player

After we had designed a few different puzzles games and an action game we wanted to branch out into a different type of game something that we usually wouldn’t think to create so we decided that it would be an interesting to produce a physics based game where the player would have to navigate through the would using the physics system but with a twist

Because of this constraint we decided on a really simple core mechanic that we felt would be really intuitive to the player because it is so simple we believe that it would be a really interesting mobile game

he mechanic that settled on was the ability for the player to click and drag the environment morphing it to create somewhat of a pocket of potential energy and when the player releases the morphed environment it will return to its original shape over a small period of time and anything within the “pocket” gets pushed in the direction that the environment is moving.