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by Kingsley Hopking



As this is our first medium - long term project working together, we decided we needed to organise our work as well as possible, so we didn’t waste time trying to find the correct files, combining projects, and working out who needed to do what.

Because of this, we decided to set up a GitHub repository, which Kingsley was already familiar with the process, so we could get to work straight away. We started with a base project in the Master branch, which had a testing scene, a game manager script, and a few placeholder assets. From here we created our own personal branches: One for creating the time changing script, and one for the freeze gun script. As we would be using the same scene without modifying too much, and be working on totally separate scripts, a merge later down the line would not be too difficult.

We decided that it was important to merge at least every week or so, so that our work wouldn’t diverge to far from each others, as this would make the merge less likely to be without any mistakes.