Title Screen

How to get around

Kingsley & Oliver

As the project is nearing a close we decided that it was time to make the games ti tle interface this would consist of The title screen controls sce...

Advanced UI

A little more guidance

Kingsley & Oliver

After we had created the simple UI Elements we began to create a more flexi ble system to handle more than just a few elements this allowed for more com...

Basic UI

how we convey our controls

Kingsley & Oliver

A major concern that the both of us have been having at this point in the project is that the player will have no understanding what the inputs are in our game and we both agreed that a big block of text before the game starts explaining what the controls are is ba...

Levels Finished

The world is alive

Kingsley & Oliver

A few weeks have passed since the scene was first built, and the game is finally playable, with all of the prefab objects in a fully working condition. As well as this, tutorial/ side-puzzle zones have been added before and after each of the main pu...

Levels Build

A look into our world

Kingsley & Oliver

After Finalizing our designs for the puzzles, we took them from the whiteboard to the scene. With a range of prefab objects, inc luding bridges, boxes and buttons, we assembled the first la yout in Unity, for Project Red. For no...



Kingsley & Oliver

After deciding on the mechanics, it was time to start designing the puzzles in the game. Although the game is obviously digital, it is much quicker to design something with a pen and pap...



Kingsley & Oliver

Once we had got an animation team, we needed to tell them what game we wanted to make for sure. We had shown them both of our prototypes, and they liked both of them a lot. They were most exci...

One minute to sell ourselves

what could we possibly say in one minute

Kingsley & Oliver

One part of the brief for this game project was that all assets were to be created by an animation team. To do this, we needed an animation team. The format for finding our team was in 2 parts: a one minute presentation by us presenting who we are and what we wan...

we made some prototypes

Testing our 2 favourite concepts

Kingsley & Oliver

We deliberated for a few days to decide on which game ideas would be the most suited to the project, and would be representing of what we wanted to make in a game. The action game, although exciting, was going to be to narrow of a sc...

Mechanics Brainstorm

Coming to the conclusion of a game idea

Kingsley & Oliver

After receiving the brief for the collaboration project that contained the constraints that we would be following for this project, we decided that it would be a good idea to pro...

Git this

collab project GIT-ting it together

Kingsley & Oliver

As this is our first medium - long term project working together, we decided we needed to organise our work as well as possi...