One Minute to sell ourselves

what could we possibly say in one minute

Kingsley & Oliver

Why a presentation?

One part of the brief for this game project was that all assets were to be created by an animation team. To do this, we needed an animation team. The format for finding our team was in 2 parts: a one minute presentation by us presenting who we are and what we wanted to do, which was viewed by all of the animation teams, and then a “speed dating” session where animators interested in us and our ideas came to us to speak one-on-one in more detail about our ideas.

We prepared presentation material, prototypes for our games (shown in blog posts Here and Here )we also included a leaflet with our contact information, so that the teams interested in working with us could contact us, and get a feel for what we wanted to do. The meeting, although we were tight for time in the presentation and the one-on-ones, was a success as we spoke to 5 groups of animators. After the meeting, we spoke and decided that 2 of the groups were suitable for us. After 24 hours, we received 3 emails, 2 of which were from our favourite teams. We responded quickly, and by the next evening we had a team. They were excited to make a game, excited to make some art, and excited to work with us.