Making some prototypes

Testing our 2 favourite concepts

Kingsley & Oliver

What ideas did we like?

We deliberated for a few days to decide on which game ideas would be the most suited to the project, and would be representing of what we wanted to make in a game. The action game, although exciting, was going to be to narrow of a scope to be able to display our skills and ideas. The physics game, although very interesting, and potentially unique, it didn't fit the brief very well, as it would be not very well suited for the animators, as much of the animation would have to be done by us in the Unity engine. This idea can be kept for a later project.

We liked both of the other 2 ideas, the time manipulation game and the Shadow walker game , as we felt they were best suited to the brief, they would display our skills, and would be genuinely fun games. As we couldn't decide, we made a prototype for each of the games, to see which one felt the best. As well as this, we had a meeting in proceeding days to find a team of animators, and we thought it would be good to show them a visualisation of what ideas we had.